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Miami Springs Artificial Grass

Artificial grass installed in Miami. Grama artificial en Miami.

Artificial grass is the perfect choice for households trying to minimize yard work. It is maintenance-free and green year-round. We exclusively install premium artificial grass that comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

We install artificial grass in the following steps:

  1. Remove existing vegetation

  2. Level and flatten surface

  3. Install weed-guard

  4. Shape material to fit specifications

  5. Thoroughly secure artificial grass to surface

Our premium artificial grass can be installed at the same time as new vegetation, insuring your dream garden is complete at once. Contact us now to begin your backyard makeover.

Artificial grass installed in Broward. Grama artificial en Broward.
Artificial grass installed in Hollywood. Grama artificial en Hollywood.

Artificial grass is an ideal choice for Miami Springs homeowners seeking convenience and beauty. Also referred to as artificial turf or fake grass, it is made of synthetic fibers that do not require watering, mowing, or fertilization. This means that fake grass will stay green, neat, and tidy in the toughest of Miami Springs weather. If you want zero-yard work, artificial turf is the perfect addition for your Miami Springs home.

Artificial Grass is perfect for Miami Springs homeowners with pets. Pets cannot dig through the artificial grass and leave your yard full of holes. It is easy to clean pet waste from fake grass using a light detergent and water. The lack of dirt also means your pets won’t create mud patches in artificial turf. In short, fake grass is easier to clean and keep mud-free than regular grass, and will drastically reduce the amount of dirt your pet brings in the house.

Artificial turf is also excellent for families with kids, as it is mess-free, soft, and cushioned. Fake grass uses no chemical or pesticides, ensuring that your kids will not ingest any harmful chemicals. Additionally, artificial grass is allergy-free, so you never have to worry about pollen in your Miami Springs backyard. We promise that there will be less stains on your kid’s clothes after installing artificial grass!

It is also important to note that fake grass does not require sunlight. As many Miami Springs homes are tightly packed, many gardens do not receive adequate sunlight. Artificial grass is therefore an ideal solution for Miami Springs homeowners with shaded yards that still want a green, vibrant lawn. Fake grass does not require water either, thereby lowering water bills and allowing you to install it in areas without irrigation. Without a need for water or sunlight, artificial turf can be installed on shaded Miami Springs apartment balconies and patios.

At Sugar Green Gardens we have a proven method for artificial grass installation that ensures a picture-perfect, long-lasting result. We begin by removing any existing vegetation or grass in areas where you desire artificial turf. We then flatten the surface. This step is particularly difficult as it requires manual labor to ensure that all dirt is even. We then place sand on the desired area, which is later flattened with a mechanical compactor. Placing sand under artificial grass is a step many other companies skip as it raises costs, but it is necessary to ensure a completely flat surface.  

After we have flattened the surface at your Miami Springs property, we install weed guard, which guarantees that no weeds will grow. We subsequently shape the artificial grass, which comes in long rectangular strips, to fit any structures or plants in your yard. This shaping process is time consuming but allows us to keep any plants you want to remain in your Miami Springs home. Once the material is fitted, we thoroughly secure the fake grass using special adhesives that are non-toxic but also long-lasting.

Keep in mind that we can install artificial grass and new plants at the same time, making a complete garden makeover possible. Our ability to completely transform your landscape at once makes us the best choice for Artificial Grass installation in Miami Springs. If you want to get started on your artificial turf makeover or have any questions contact us.

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