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Groundcovers for Fort Lauderdale Landscape Designs

Grass is losing popularity with Fort Lauderdale homeowners due to its maintenance needs and water costs. As a result, alternatives such as artificial turf and groundcovers have surged in popularity.

Groundcovers are the perfect solution for homeowners seeking the low maintenance of artificial grass at a lower upfront cost. Additionally, groundcovers offer beautiful contrasts in texture and color that enhance landscape aesthetics. In this blog post we will talk about three popular groundcover species that are perfect for Fort Lauderdale Landscape Designs.

Davie Landscape Design

Golden Ornamental Peanut - Arachis glabrata

A low maintenance groundcover that boasts beautiful yellow flowers year-round.

Planting: Can be planted in any time of year given regular irrigation during establishment phase. Space 12 to 18 inches to completely fill area. Place in full sun to partial shade. Place in areas wit low foot traffic.

Care: Perennial peanut needs little maintenance once established in Fort Lauderdale Landscape Designs. There is no need for regular fertilization or irrigation. Can be mowed once established to increase bloom intensity.

Use: Due to its low invasiveness potential, golden ornamental peanut can be placed in planting beds and in larger areas as a lawn alternative. It will create a beautiful mat of green around trees and accent plants if given time to spread.

Southwest Ranches Landscape Design

Asiatic Jasmine - Trachelospermum asiaticum

A versatile groundcover that thrives in a variety of conditions.

Planting: Plant on clear, weed-free soil while spacing plants 12 to 18 inches apart. Can be placed in dense shade or full sun. Keep soil moist when first planted, but stop all extra irrigation once established. Apply fertilizer three to four times during the first year if used in landscape designs in Fort Lauderdale.

Maintenance: Once established Asiatic jasmine will need no additional watering. Fertilizer should only be applied once a year. Mow once a year to keep it controlled.

Use: Use it as a turf alternative in areas with too much shade for full grass coverage. Avoid placing in planting beds with other small plants.

Landscape Design Davie

Dwarf Chenille Plant - Acalypha pendula

A sun lover that will sprout bright red flowers year-round.

Planting: Fort Lauderdale landscape designer should place in areas with no foot traffic. Can tolerate a variety of soils but requires full sun. Water regular following installation. Place close together for quicker coverage, as it is a slow grower.

Maintenance: Once established Dwarf Chenille will need little care. Regular irrigation is enough to keep this plant happy. Fertilize once or twice a year with a slow-release fertilizer.

Use: Does best in small planting bed areas or in large planters. Not ideal as a turf replacement in large areas due to its slow growth rate.

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