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Taking Care of New Plants in Fort Lauderdale Landscape Designs

Fort Lauderdale landscape designs come to life in the installation phase, but plants take time to truly flourish. Following installation plants will be stressed, much like a human would be after moving to a new house. The period directly following installation is therefore critical to ensuring your plants will thrive in their new surroundings. In this blog post we will go over general guidelines for taking care of your new garden after a Fort Lauderdale Landscape Design.

Background Info

Stress affects all living beings, plants included. Plant stressors can come in many forms, including drought, excessive watering, and extreme temperatures. Stressed plants are more susceptible to disease and have decreased nutrient uptake. They usually show the stress with a diminished appearance; common signs include wilting or drooping leaves.

Wilting leaves are a common sign of stress.

Plants are especially susceptible to stress following installation. This is because new environments have different conditions they must adapt to. Slight differences in temperature, sunlight, watering, or soil conditions are all felt by the plant and contribute to stress.

Stress can be fatal to plants that are not suited to the new property’s conditions. At Sugar Green Gardens we avoid this issue by taking note of your property’s sunlight, soil, grade, and irrigation in the design phase. We also handpick every plant, making sure they are in good health when we purchase them. If you are installing your garden yourself, make sure to pick plants that will thrive within your site’s conditions. Take note of the amount of sunlight different areas get, how water flows through the site, and the type of soil you have.

If you chose healthy plants that fit your site’s conditions, then all you have to do following installation is follow a regular watering schedule. By following the simple watering guidelines below, you can guarantee that your expertly chosen plants will overcome any stressors and thrive in their new home.

Watering Guidelines

  • Small plants (3 gallons or less) should be watered for around 10 seconds each

  • Medium plants (7 to 15 gallons) should be watered for around 30 seconds each

  • Large plants

    • 25 to 45 gallons: 1 Minute

    • 65 to 100 gallons: 3 Minutes

    • Field Grown: 5 minutes

Soil or mulch surrounding a plant should be kept moist following installation.


  1. Water plants every day for the first 2 weeks

  2. After 2 weeks, water every 2 to 3 days using the above guidelines.

  3. After 2 months you can let your sprinkler system do the work for you. We recommend to run sprinklers twice a week in the early morning, from 5 to 8 am. This time is ideal because there is no strong sunlight, giving your plants time to absorb the water.


It is important to be patient following an installation of a Fort Lauderdale Landscape Design. Though most plants fare well, there are usually a few that show signs of stress. As plants are highly adaptable, it is important that you give them the time they need to establish themselves. Avoid over-watering or fertilizing any stress plants. Instead, stick to a consistent watering schedule and watch your landscape design in Fort Lauderdale bloom over time

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