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Takeaways from a Miami Shores Landscape Design

Creating a beautiful yard from scratch can be daunting. Thankfully, there are simple design principles that can guide you when revamping your home’s exterior. In this blog post, we go over three landscape design principles we used to create a modern jungle landscape in Miami Shores, Florida.

Miami Shores Landscaping

1. Repurposing Plants

One of the keys to this Miami Shores landscape design is repurposing existing plants. Rather than removing the existing Trinette hedge that bordered the front of the house, we incorporated it into the new design. By adding new plants in back of the hedge and spreading mulch throughout the planting area, we made the landscape design look new despite retaining an original material. We try to repurpose existing plants when possible to reduce waste and costs.

Miami Shores landscape design

2. Varying Textures

To add a layer of complexity, our team installed plants with varying textures. This is a great way to create balance and depth in your garden while keeping things visually interesting. For example, the Crotons' wrinkled appearance contrasts the outstretched leaves of the Alocasia's, while the Bromeliads' smooth leaves contrast the palm's feathery fronds.

All these different textures work together to make the plants stand out and amplify the space. However, it's important to note that you should still have some plants with similar textures. This is because having too many contrasting textures can make the space look chaotic. By striking a balance between different textures and grouping plants with similar textures, we can create a Miami Shores landscape design that's both beautiful and harmonious.

landscape design Miami Shores

3. Curving Lines

Most exterior structures like fences and driveways are composed of straight lines. This can result in planting beds with a similar straight shape, which can make gardens seem dull despite having beautiful plants. To add some visual interest, consider adding curves to your landscaping. In this Miami Shores landscape design, we created an irregularly shaped rock bed and a curving planting bed.

The curves create a unique and irregular shape, providing observers with something different to admire. This simple addition can also make a small space feel larger. You can add some curvature to your planting beds with grass, rocks, or mulch, and even position plants in curving patterns to save costs. Remember to not overdo the curving as it might look untidy, and keeping it minimal is often the best approach. By adding curves, you can break up the monotony and add some playful shape to your Miami Shores landscape design.


Though there are many more design principles that you can use, these 3 are a good starting point for the novice gardener. We hope you liked this landscape design breakdown, and look forward to sharing more in the future.


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