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Best Privacy Plants for Fort Lauderdale Landscape Designs

Privacy is a key consideration in any Fort Lauderdale landscape design. Whether you're aiming to shield your space from neighbors or simply create a serene sanctuary, the choice of privacy plants plays a crucial role. In this guide, we will explore three outstanding plant options—Podocarpus, Areca Palm, and Clusia—that not only provide a sense of seclusion but also thrive in Fort Lauderdale's tropical climate.

Podocarpus (Podocarpus spp.) - The Neat Option

Podocarpus Fort Lauderdale Landscape Design

Planting: Podocarpus, also known as the yew pine, is an evergreen shrub or tree with dense foliage. Plant it in well-draining soil, preferably in a sunny to partially shaded location. Podocarpus is adaptable to various soil types, making it an excellent choice for Fort Lauderdale's diverse landscapes.

Care: Water Podocarpus regularly, especially during dry periods, to establish a deep and extensive root system. Prune as needed to maintain the desired shape and size. Podocarpus is relatively low-maintenance, making it suitable for privacy hedges or standalone specimens.

Uses: Use Podocarpus as a living wall for added privacy around patios, decks, or pool areas. Its upright growth habit and dense foliage create a green barrier that not only screens your space but also adds an elegant touch to your Fort Lauderdale landscape. design. Podocarpus is the best option for those who want a neat appearance, as it can be trimmed regulary to resemble a flat wall.

Areca Palm (Dypsis lutescens) - The Lush Option

Areca Palm Fort Lauderdale Landscape Design

Planting: Areca Palms, known for their feathery fronds and graceful appearance, thrive in well-draining soil and bright light. Plant them in clusters to create a lush, tropical privacy screen. Areca Palms are well-suited for Fort Lauderdale's warm and humid climate.

Care: Keep the soil consistently moist, allowing the top inch to dry between waterings. Fertilize regularly during the growing season with a balanced fertilizer to support healthy growth. Prune any yellowing or damaged fronds to maintain a vibrant appearance.

Uses: Create a natural barrier by planting Areca Palms along property lines or as a backdrop for seating areas. This is the best option for homeowners who want a lush, jungle feel, as they will grow up to 30 feet tall and provide significant shade. Their fronds will bring a touch of the tropics to any Fort Lauderdale landscape design, while ensuring privacy and seclusion.

Clusia (Clusia rosea) - The Low-maintenance Option

Clusia Fort Lauderdale Landscape Design

Planting: Clusia, often referred to as autograph tree or pitch apple, is a hardy, evergreen shrub with glossy, leathery leaves. Plant it in well-draining soil in a sunny to partially shaded location.

Care: Water Clusia regularly during the establishment phase, and then reduce frequency as it becomes established. Prune to maintain the desired shape, and remove any dead or yellowing leaves. Clusia is known for its resilience and minimal maintenance requirements.

Uses: Utilize Clusia as a thick hedge or as standalone specimens for instant privacy. Its dense foliage and ability to thrive in various light conditions make it a versatile choice for Fort Lauderdale landscape designs. Clusia's distinctive large, leaves add texture and greenery like few plants can. If you don't have an irrigation system in place or don't want to spend anything on maintenance, this is the hedge for you.


Fort Lauderdale's outdoor spaces are meant to be enjoyed in peace and tranquility. With Podocarpus, Areca Palm, and Clusia, you can seamlessly integrate privacy into your landscape design without compromising on aesthetics. Whether you're creating intimate corners or shielding your entire property, these privacy plants are sure to enhance the beauty and functionality of your Fort Lauderdale landscape design.


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