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Sugar Green Gardens Landscape Design

Landscape Design

Our goal in every garden is to create a custom oasis that will allow you to relax and enjoy the outdoors. By combining plants with elements such as rocks, mulch, and pathways, our designs enhance your property's value and visual appeal.

We offer full design-build in the following steps:

  1. Estimating and Design phase

  2. Site clean-up and preparation

  3. Installation - where we turn your vision into reality

All plants are hand picked and come with a 1-year guarantee. Contact us today to get started on your outdoor paradise.

Miami Landscape Design
Miami Landscape Design
Landscape Design Miami
Miami Landscape Design
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Landscape design combines art and science to create outdoor spaces that are both functional and beautiful. The science aspect of landscape design is especially important in South Florida, where intense heat, sun, and rain create tropical conditions that are found nowhere else in the United States. Thankfully, with an agronomy degree in tropical plant health, our expert landscape designer has extensive experience in blending the practical, aesthetic, and sustainability components of landscape design in a manner that promotes plant longevity.

We hand-pick plants for each of our South Florida landscape designs with a long-term view in mind. Only plants that are well suited for your property’s unique conditions –such as shade, soil quality, and water availability – are used in our garden designs. This approach ensures that your garden will thrive over the years. Our 1-year plant survival guarantee ensures that all plants have time to adjust to their surroundings and is proof of the confidence we have in our plant-picking process.

Sugar Green Garden’s South Florida landscape design process begins with an in-person meeting where we talk about your vision for the space. After receiving payment for the garden design, we schedule a second in-person meeting where our award-winning landscape designer will measure your property and further discuss the look you are striving for. Our landscape designer then uses cutting edge software to create a color rendering of the landscape, as well as a detailed plant and price list. We then present the garden design to you to make any edits if needed.

Once we are done with the landscape design edits for your South Florida property, we move on to the installation phase. Proper landscape installation in South Florida first requires an initial cleaning, where any debris or existing material is removed or repurposed for the new garden design. To ensure that weeds and debris do not ruin the look of your landscape design, we follow the cleaning by installing weed-barrier and edging.
Afterwards, the plants that you chose for your garden design are installed. All of the plants we use in your South Florida landscape design are hand-picked by our garden designer; we only use plants that are lush, healthy, and colorful. We then install steppingstones, rocks, or mulch to complete your South Florida landscape design.
Finally, we finish your South Florida garden installation with the most important step: the site cleanup. We go above and beyond to ensure your garden is cleaner than how we found it. All tools, materials, and landscape installation debris are collected, and your pavers and sidewalk are swept. We believe the emphasis we place on cleanliness is one reason why we are often regarded as South Florida’s best landscape design firm.
If you are ready to transform your South Florida landscape into an outdoor paradise, reach out us to by calling or by filling out the contact form. We are certain that our unique landscape design process will wow you with the outcome – a garden that is both functional and beautiful.

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